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Echo street art festival at Loroux Bottereau (France)

This festival took over the premises of the former Loroux Bottereau hospital, which was perfect with large buildings, separate rooms and a garden to accommodate stands.

It is exclusively local artists and collectives who have participated in embellishing the walls via Graff, stencil, collage, 3D works or screen printing.

Here is the list of artists present with links to find their page on the website:

Eskat, lloeill, Seb Bouchard, Tanala, LadyBug, Persu, Smoka, Wide, Nicolas Perruche, Flog, Ador, Korsé, Vanessa Piras... and the collectives: 100Pression, La Griffe, La FFPM, Appelle Moi Papa, Anima'sound ...

As well as Fkood, Cécile Aurégan, YBA, Ratz One, Saturville, Choupi Club

Several events took place throughout the year 2022 with concerts, animations, workshops, bar, food trucks... a friendly place surrounded by works as beautiful as each other.

Thank you to the association Les Locaux and to the City of Loroux Bottereau for making this project possible.

Official event website

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