Sêma Lao, Le mur de Bourges n°13

Today we meet the French artist Sêma Lao for her participation in Mur de Bourges (France) organized by the collective URB’ANNALE. Sêma Lao, the genesis Sêma Lao, her real name … Sêma Lao (no need to find a blaze when it sounds so good), is a young painter of Sino-German [ … ]

Redon, Breton capital of street art

Pretty little village of 9000 inhabitants, Redon is nonetheless a privileged place of street art with the artist Jef. The walk begins at the end of the island of Redon, along the Vilaine. The wasteland of the old Garnier factories which were manufactured agricultural machinery before closing in 1980, still [ … ]

Street artist : Rouge

In 2014, Rouge chose a name that she wanted close to her practice: common, appropriable, multiple. Neither vandal nor graffiti, it is by contextual impulse that it comes to the skin of the cities, seek an audience, remove the latency between the moment of the workshop and the moment of [ … ]

Street artist : Swoon

American painter born in 1978 in New London in Connecticut in the United States, Caledonia Dance Curry, aka Swoon, lives and works in Brooklyn. An artist committed to humanitarian causes, she delivers a message of peace through her collages. As a child, Swoon grew up in California, then began art [ … ]

Kaleidoscope : A female street art exhibition

A kaleidoscope is a toy which reflects at infinity and colorfull external light. Composed of a finite number of elements, it nevertheless allows an infinite number of combinations. At the Cultural Institute (https://www.institut-bernard-magrez.com/), there are no colorful mirrors but a panel of international artists with cultures, nationalities, styles, work of [ … ]

Street artist : Faith XLVII (47)

Faith 47 is a South African artist of international renown currently residing in Los Angeles. Through her work, she tries to disarm the strategies of current global politics in order to advance the expression of the personal truth. In this sense, her work is both an inner and spiritual liberation [ … ]

Street artist : Natalia Rak

Natalia Rak is a Polish artist born in 1986. She is known for her gigantic wall paintings with vibrant colors and her remarkable technique. She was student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland, she has a degree in graphic design and design. Natalia was interested in art [ … ]

Street artist : BTOY

Andrea Michaelsson aka BTOY is a Spanish artist born in 1977. For several years she has been stencilling on her favorite media: “founded walls” with irregular surfaces, on which traces of pollution and fragments of advertising posters accumulate. The damaged, worn-out walls, the doors and windows of barricaded abandoned buildings [ … ]

Street artist : Fafi

Originally from Toulouse, the omnipresence of Fafi in the world of art and graffiti was first noticed on the walls of his hometown in 1994. At that time, her sexy and amusing, sometimes aggressive, female characters caught the eye of the world and contributed to the emergence of a whole [ … ]