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Sêma Lao, Le mur de Bourges n°13

Today we meet the French artist Sêma Lao for her participation in Mur de Bourges (France) organized by the collective URB’ANNALE. Sêma Lao, the genesis Sêma Lao, her real name … Sêma Lao (no need to find a blaze when it sounds so good), is a young painter of Sino-German [ … ]

Street artist : Rouge

In 2014, Rouge chose a name that she wanted close to her practice: common, appropriable, multiple. Neither vandal nor graffiti, it is by contextual impulse that it comes to the skin of the cities, seek an audience, remove the latency between the moment of the workshop and the moment of [ … ]

Street artist : Swoon

American painter born in 1978 in New London in Connecticut in the United States, Caledonia Dance Curry, aka Swoon, lives and works in Brooklyn. An artist committed to humanitarian causes, she delivers a message of peace through her collages. As a child, Swoon grew up in California, then began art [ … ]