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Festival: Canettes de ruelle (Montreal, Canada)

During my holidays in Canada, I took a trip to the "Canettes de ruelle" festival held from August 31 to September 2 in the Rosemont district, along the Masson street.

Razxzor, a volunteer and graffiti artist gave me the info and made me look around the property.

I arrived in the afternoon of the last day. Many artists were still at work because the rain showed up at the festival in the morning, preventing them to progress on their wall.

Here are some pictures of the artists in action and installations in the holiday camp style with DJ, food and drink 🙂


How is it funded?

Money, because yes in addition to the time given by volunteers, you still need money to pay for all paintings, food, equipment rentals …

For this several sources:

  • a gofundme launched a few months before to collect donations from everywhere
  • donations of paints, loans of equipment … by the inhabitants of the district. Some even came with good food to fill the belly of the artists while working 🙂
  • neighborhood businesses also played the game by participating financially and via provisions


Will there be a next edition?

Yes, with even more walls and artists.
We will keep you informed of the next edition;)


Update with covid19 pandemic:
The festival will be there but in a different way, keep in touch.

I came back a few days after to meet the 2 creators of the festival and ask them some questions.

Who are they?

Shawn and Clarence, two graffiti artists for more than a decade and living in one of the alleys of the festival.

Why this name?

After a brainstorming, it was "gato de callejón", alley cat in Spanish at the beginning but it was already taken and it did not sound very Québécois … The choice was therefore "Cannettes de ruelle" (Cans of alley).

Why did you decide to set this project up?

As said before, the two main organizers live in the neighborhood and are themselves graffiti artists. This is by painting on the walls that the locals have begun to appreciate the drawings and they asked if they could do the same on their wall.

What began as a simple jam, with friends and other graffiti artists from the city to meet them, becomes a more structured event with artists from around the world over the years.

In 2019, this is the 3rd edition and it gathers 60 artists together for 40 walls.

The artists have carte blanche to make their wall and the choice of the theme of their artwork.


Origami workshop with children.

The goal is to take a crane and make it travel around the world.

Here is one at home in Nantes (France) with the famous elephant from "Machines de l'ïle" 🙂



Mural with children to help them discover street art.

The festival has brought people closer to the streets and neighborhoods. It also allowed people to discover the streetart universe, which is often referred to as vandalism.


Canettes de ruelle and Masson Village are collaborating on a floor marking project in the lanes between 2nd and 7th avenue.


Little anecdote to finish talking about this really nice festival.


When I went around to take pictures of the artworks, I met an old lady who admired one of them.

In fact it was the owner of the wall in question.

She was really delighted with the result and told me she wanted to keep it but as she had given permission to paint it will be covered next year ...

I told her that she had given her approval for this year, but not necessarily for next year.

I saw a big smile appear on her face knowing that she could enjoy it a little more 🙂


Opposite the black & white work in question.

To find all the info, photos, artists of the festival it's here:
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/canettes.deruelle/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/canettesderuelle/

You can have a look on the map : https://www.street-artwork.com/en/map

Some others artworks:

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