Fresqu’île of Nantes at hangar à bananes

Hangar 20, located on the Quai des Antilles, is decorated with one of the most famous graffiti in Nantes, just in front of the Cantine du Voyage in Nantes. In 2015, as part of a collaborative project, bringing together a dozen students from the Graphic Arts Center of La Joliverie with the Katra Design Studio and the artist Ador that this mural was born.
 Fresqu'île of Nantes at hangar à bananes

This artwork evokes the past, the present and the future of Naoned (Nantes for the uninitiated). There are dozens of references to the city and its history.

There are elements that are blindingly obvious like the petit beurre LU, the banana, the bottle of rum, the elements taken from the universe of Jules Verne but the mural is full of so many nods that we will try the to dissect little by little in the next weeks.

What does this planet represent? Why a bottle in the sea? A scar ? A fishing net? A hospital, a diver, a caravan, a sandwich-pig, a toilet, a thermometer …?

Our gaze travels at the mercy of cultural, artistic, geographical and historical references, but even after wandering for more than an hour ahead, it’s difficult to understand the meaning of all the elements.
That’s why we will need you to study this magnificent streetart of more than 100m2.

 Fresqu'île of Nantes at hangar à bananes
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