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Kaleidoscope : A female street art exhibition

A kaleidoscope is a toy which reflects at infinity and colorfull external light. Composed of a finite number of elements, it nevertheless allows an infinite number of combinations.

At the Cultural Institute (https://www.institut-bernard-magrez.com/), there are no colorful mirrors but a panel of international artists with cultures, nationalities, styles, work of colors and different philosophies to form with their creations a kaleidoscopic exhibition and a singular discovery for each visitor.
Koralie’s in-situ frescoes in color come together with Faith XLVII’s inks when Fafi’s characters mix with Miss Van’s gitanes or BTOY’s stencils. In the eyes of YZ’s amazons Swoon’s fine carvings are reflected, while Natalia Rak’s psychedelic characters waltz at the doors of the Rouge installation.

Put the Street Female Artists in the spotlight. Street-art is a discipline that wants to be alternative, counter-current and subversive. Yet it does not escape an observation: despite the richness and creativity of their work, female artists are often poorly represented in high-level group exhibitions.
The art market reproduces this sexist scheme and rare are women exposed in auctions and galleries. Kaleidoscope wants to break this preconceived idea that street art would be reserved for a particular genre.
We want to pay tribute to some female Street Art artists the most talented in the world by performing an eclectic exhibition where the styles and ways of observing the passage of the wall to the canvas mix.

Articles about the female artists :
Natalia Rak
Miss Van
Faith XLVII (47)

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