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Street artist : Faith XLVII (47)

Faith 47 is a South African artist of international renown currently residing in Los Angeles.

Through her work, she tries to disarm the strategies of current global politics in order to advance the expression of the personal truth. In this sense, her work is both an inner and spiritual liberation that addresses the complexities of the human condition, her deviant stories, and her existential search.
Impregnated by travels around the world for two decades, her interaction with urban environments makes her one of the most renowned and prolific painter of her generation.

Using a wide range of media for gallery decorations, her approach is exploratory and includes found objects, sanctuary construction, painting, cartographic projection, video installation, engraving and drawings.
The genesis of Faith’s works begins with a raw intimacy. Exploring the duality of human relations, her images carry the weight of our interdependence.

While some people see in a dilapidated building the proof that the world is purging itself of all the undesirables, Faith recovers these forgotten elements.

Faith XLVII (47)
Faith XLVII (47)
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