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Street artist : Miss Van

Having started painting with a brush on the walls of Toulouse in the 90s, Miss Van is considered one of the most important figures of international contemporary urban art.

She has lived for several years now in Barcelona and regularly exhibits in the United States, California in particular. The pictorial richness of her work and the evolution of her research led her to develop over time many series that took shape over her inspirations.

In the mid-2000s, those still known as dolls began to see their makeup flow.
Once the mask has fallen, the female characters of Miss Van reveal themselves as the very expression of femininity, between strength and fragility.
With the help of many symbols, the artist makes the spectator travel through different worlds such as circus and dance. We are confronted with paintings sometimes dark, sometimes very luminous, where a woman stands alone, in a group, or accompanied by a fawn for example, or wrapped in endless hair.

The last works of the artist realized in California are, they, imprints of Amerindian inspirations where the rendering of textiles and furs comes to exacerbate the sensuality of its characters. It has sometimes been likened to the current of Pop Surrealism, but it must be borne in mind that Miss Van is a unique and unclassifiable artist. She is represented in France by the Openspace Gallery which has dedicated this year a retrospective, retracing fifteen years of paintings.

Miss Van
Miss Van
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