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Street artist : Rouge

In 2014, Rouge chose a name that she wanted close to her practice: common, appropriable, multiple. Neither vandal nor graffiti, it is by contextual impulse that it comes to the skin of the cities, seek an audience, remove the latency between the moment of the workshop and the moment of exposure.

An ontological and convinced citizen, she seeks the green sidewalk, the fable, the latent muthology in the identity of a street, a neighborhood. Attached to drawing and painting, it is nevertheless with a work of interventions, videos and performances that she graduated from the Fine Arts of Bordeaux in 2014, with for main researches: the appropriable place, the march, and urban precariousness.

Engaged in the fabric of the world, Rouge works mainly by collage, mural, installations or performances in the public space. Places for impending urban reconfigurations, neighborhood tales are the theaters of his interventions, sometimes stealthy, sometimes more spectacular.

Whether ephemeral sculture, tinkered path, alternative urban furniture, figurative collage or protocol drifts and interventions, the goal is always a little the same: move the look through small fables often imbued with delicate violence and obsolete literature, open an interstice in a squared space, plead the option of poetry, make oases for a moment in the desert.

Focusing on workshops, exhibitions and collective interventions, Rouge is now developing a work determined by its conditions of appearance in a given social, architectural and cultural space, attempting to explain its limits, along with pictorial searches on canvas.

Street artist Rouge
Street artist Rouge
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