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Wood street, ephemeral gallery in Lorient made by Diaspora Crew

Created by Ezra and Kaz, the Diaspora Crew is internationally recognized and it is in the former premises of Carglass, 30-32, cours de Chazelles in Lorient (Morbihan) that this collective gathered for more than 2 months to create an ephemeral gallery where visitors will be able to immerse themselves in graffiti and street art culture on a theme that is important to them.

Covid-19 or coronavirus that is the question?

The history of this exhibition was rich in twists and turns because of this famous coronavirus and the government actions to fight against it. The doors were finally able to open on Saturday, December 19, where I had managed to get a place for this first day!

You should know that there is more tickets ... I will make sure to make you live this exhibition if you have not been able to get your tickets 😉

2,700 reservations in less than 24 hours! The organizers weren't expecting so much enthusiasm, but this is further proof, if needed, that street art is democratizing and reaching more and more people.

New slots were opened and the exhibition extended, but the 7,000 seats were quickly booked.

The artistic installation in the walls

The real estate developer Seemo is at the initiative of this project in this place dedicated to demolition, more than 600m² were covered with paintings and artistic installations, by more than 25 artists, on the theme "when nature takes back its rights ". A theme appreciated by the Breton crew who often create murals with post-apocalyptic landscapes where flora and wild fauna take precedence over humanity.

The artists involved in the event

The members of the Diaspora crew recovered 97 doors from the building to create a course respecting the measures against the covid, which at the same time multiplied the surface of painting for our greatest pleasure.

Friends also came, from Brittany and elsewhere, such as Korsé from Nantes, Zag from Morlaix, Anna Conda, Jef from Redon, Nazeem from Brest, or the TSF crew from Paris and Saint-Brieuc who brought back the painted bus shelter during the Just paint festival last October.

Many of these artists can be found at Dédale in Vannes (see the article on the 1st floor and the one on the ground floor).

You will also find works to buy, goodies… beautiful gifts for Christmas!

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