Book : Nantes, Balades urbaines

Street art in Nantes? Abundant and varied. From one spot to another, from the Katorza cinema to l’île de Nantes by way of Olivettes district, this book proposes many walks in the city, in order to discover the profusion and the cultural wealth of the places invested by the artists.
 Book : Nantes, Balades urbaines

After “Nantes street art & graffiti” published in 2012 by Coiffard Editions, here is “Nantes, Balades urbaines” where you will find interviews and more than 600 photos that reveal little by little the world of urban art in Nantes. An invitation to open your eyes and watch what’s happening on the walls!

I always love to sniff the smell of a new book … Yes those who have already seen me do that we always made a funny face ^^
This one is about the city where the project street-artwork.com was born , Nantes. Naoned for the friends.

You will find pell-mell the artists: Ador, Semor, The Blind, Smoka, Meyer, Persu, Touk … the spots: Katorza, Olivettes, gare maritime, Haluchère, Butte Saint-Anne … all bridges, LU , Beaulieu, Sèvre … the events: Le voyage à Nantes, Teenage Kicks, Parade, Parade, Balade et Distorsion.

A must have to discover or rediscover the streetart Nantais.

You can get it at this address : https://amzn.to/2B23R99

Or come and skim it together for a drink if you go on Nantes;)

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