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Street artist : YZ

YZ (“eyes”) is an eye, above all. An artist committed to intuition and guided by a desire for humanity, through a timeless aesthetic, yz travels through her own history and reflects our time and our societies with a light that, for sweet, is no less surprisingly faithful .

In the street, the human figure and his place of life remains the central theme of the artist. Yz thus attempts to situate the place of beings in our society, describes and decrypts our ways of life through the staged image of the inhabitants of the cities through which it passes.
Her approach is increasingly part of a global dynamic, in turn posterist, videographer / documentary artist, visual artist, she appropriates a space with which she forges an intimate relationship.

With extreme exigency, Yz navigates through broad spectrum projects relying on her flair. Without artifice, she painted glue and bomb so many female figures of the 1900s, a logotype face that toed the passerby, or striking portraits that make sense in the fight against slavery and civil rights.
Without context, Yz’s work pursues themes whose guiding line is the most complex and captivating subject: the human.

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